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Targeted Mobile Home Park Investing

McKay Florence and Ralph Beatty created Laguna Asset Partners Inc. in 2001 to invest in mobile home parks with qualified investor partners.  Since that time the company has acquired 21 communities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada totaling 2600 spaces and valued at over $160,000,000.  Laguna Asset Partners seeks to maximize the return on investment for its investor partners through careful acquisition and agressive management. 


Laguna Asset Partners is committed to providing quality, safe, affordable housing to our mobile home and RV park residents.  We seek to be responsive to their needs. We create value for our investor partners by maximizing occupancy, streamlining expenses, and maintaining and improving our communities through regular investment in capital improvements with long-term pride of ownership in mind which results in sustainable cash flows and long-term appreciation.



Maximizing Investment Value

We carefully choose our acquisitions to insure a higher likelihood that they’ll meet our investment objectives. We use an aggressive management strategy that focuses on:

  • High Occupancy
  • Efficient, Cost-Effective Operation
  • Maintaining and Improving Property Quality
  • Sustainable Cash Flow

Big Picture Management

Our management process begins with an annual asset management and budget review in which we conduct market rent surveys, determine future rent increases, review the capital improvement needs of the property, make plans for filling vacant spaces, plan to implement any additional initiatives necessary to maximize profitability, and maintain quality at the highest possible level.

Empowering Our Team

With an annual asset management plan and budget in place, our entire management team works tirelessly to fulfill our vision. Our team includes a Director of Property Management, Physical Facilities Manager, Safety Manager, Regional Property Supervisor, Rent Collection Team, Legal Support, a full bookkeeping department, and on-site maintenance personnel.